3 types of piping bags and a coupler
8 January 2017

3 types of piping bags and a coupler

Filled ping bags with colored filling

Avoid a big mess Our coupler allows similar sized pastry decorating tips to be changed
out quickly and easily without having to empty the decorating bag. You will be able to
change standard sized and small tips without emptying the contents of your decorating

The coupler gets the job done

It is ideal for bakeries, cake decorators, coffee shops, and anywhere else where you need
to decorate food items quickly with minimal mess. ˆThis white plastic coupler will get the
job done! Change tips easily without changing bags and making a big mess.

Piping bags

Our disposable & hygienic piping bags on rolls are available with custom printing &
private labels on box and bag. We have label info in English, Spanish and French. Its
smooth inner walls allow for less pressure while piping consistently. With our anti-slip
feel, your grip sits perfect. Our loose packed piping bags are available in loose packs and
can be custom ordered in hanging packs for practical and easy removal of each piping
bag. And last but not least, our high temperature red piping bags are heavy duty piping
bags for hot applications like mashed potatoes and hot fudge.

Certified piping bags

All our piping bags are certified for bakeries, restaurants, catering and food service.

All our products for the Bakery and Restaurant

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