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Buy pastry bags for bakeries and restaurants

Buy pastry bags for bakeries and restaurants

Our loose packed pastry bags are available in lose packs and can be custom ordered in hanging packs for practical and easy removal of each pastry bag. All our pastry bags are certified for bakeries, restaurants, catering and food service. Buy pastry bags at Polynova Nissen Inc Pastry bags for bakeries and restaurants at Polynova Nissen Inc.

Our disposable and hygienic pastry bags on rolls are available with custom printing and private labels on box and bag. Our high temperature red pastry bags are heavy duty pastry bags for hot applications like mashed potatoes and hot fudge.

Private labeling on pastry bags

We customize to your needs and offer you to design your own product in terms of material, shape, color and print. Put your private label on the pastry bags and boxes.

Contact us to buy pastry bags and order private labeling

sales@polynovanissen.com or call Lou Bruscianelli, Exec Sales Manager at +1 (847) 612-6538.