Because of this, we employ high quality standards. However, we also acknowledge and ensure that our products are functional and easy to use. Polynova Nissen’s products are often utilized to protect goods. It can be goods that represent a high economic value or products that involves high risk in terms of protecting persons or the environment.

Our services does not stop on delivery

We continuously strive to improve and simplify our products while adhering to our high quality standards. This effort is often undertaken in cooperation with our clients. It is our ambition to always be among the best suppliers regarding quality-, service- and environmental aspects.

Our Quality Policy

To ensure quality, Polynova Nissen operates after the following policy guidelines:

We satisfy our clients’ demands by a systematic development and improvement of our range of polyethylene plastic products.
We continuously strive to improve our operational efficiency in the distribution of our products.
We insure that employees have the necessary knowledge and competence for their tasks
All our employees are commited to continuously improve our operation.


The continuous improvement of our operations and the commitment of all our employees, shall result in satisfied customers that in turn enables our corporation to grow and improve. We will achieve this by: