Loose packed piping bags


29 May 2017
Piping bags with private label

Loose packed piping bags

Ask for private labeling and customized piping bags and boxes Our loose packed piping bags are available in lose packs and can be custom ordered..

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13 April 2017
Custom printed pastry and piping bags in box

Piping bags with private labeling

Piping bags with private labels Our disposable & hygienic piping bags on rolls are available with custom printing and private labels on box and bag…

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5 February 2017
Bun rack cover by Polynova Nissen USA

Bun Rack cover for bakeries and restaurants

Our bun rack cover keeps your goods safe, moist and fresh. Our bun rack covers are ideal for food service operations in supermarkets, bakeries, and..

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10 January 2017
Printed designer bags

Printed designer bags with your brand

Branding in the streets with designer bags Let the crowd do your marketing. Our many years of experience in customizing specialty bags for all occasions,..

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8 January 2017
Filled ping bags with colored filling

3 types of piping bags and a coupler

The coupler gets the job done It is ideal for bakeries, cake decorators, coffee shops, and anywhere else where you need to decorate food items..

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5 January 2017
Floral sleeves for gentle flower care

Floral sleeves of BOPP plastic

Customized floral sleeves We also customize the sleeves to your needs with colors and sizes. Let your customers do your marketing. Ask for privat labeling..

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