Our history

Our history

Polynova Nissen North America is a subsidiary of Polynova Nissen AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Below are some important dates and information that mark our increasing global activity and influence.


From 1946 to today

Polynova Nissen AB was formed through a merge of the two companies Polynova Nordic AB and W Nissen AB.

W Nissen AB

W Nissen AB, founded in 1946 in Stockholm, specializing in early sales of plastic greenhouses and irrigation systems for agriculture. In the late 50s the company also started selling plastic film for the construction industry and the different types of packaging products. During the 70s and 80s the company developed successfully their own products, including a stretch film machine, which was patented and sold to several countries.

Polynova Nordic AB

In 1975 the company, Polynova Nissen AB, was founded by three former employees of W Nissen AB. The company specialized mainly on imports of polyethylene packaging products from Finland, Japan and China. The goal was always to distinguish itself in the plastics industry with a wide range of bags, sacks and films.

Polynova Nissen AB

In 1999 it was decided that Polynova Nordic AB and W Nissen should merge, which took place the following year through a merger, and Polynova Nissen AB was formed. The company, whose head office is in Stockholm, currently has a large distribution network, which mainly covers Northern Europe and North America.

Polynova Nissen Inc

In 2007 they founded a subsidiary in the US, Polynova Nissen Inc., based in Naperville, Ill. The company is now well established in the North American market and has a very good growth potential.

Office in Shenzhen, China

In 2009 opened Polynova Nissen AB also an office in Shenzhen, China, and hired domestic staff to be closer to the market and get a more efficient delivery control.

A global network

With our well-developed global network of production partners and long experience in the industry, we strive to be the right partner to fill your needs of packaging solutions – all from one company.