Recently plastics have become an essential part of people’s everyday life, and the raw materials and final products are subject to an ongoing process of improvement. Polynova Nissen takes part in this process – with expertise and high credibility.

We consider the environment

Our operational activities are thoroughly characterized by our consideration of the environment. We place high demands on sustainability on our product portfolio and in the manufacturing process. Our products are made of polyethylene, which is an efficient recyclable material.

Polyethylene plastic is very environmentally friendly

When a polyethylene product has fulfilled its task, it can be combusted and the energy from this action is retrieved and reused. Furthermore, only carbon dioxide and pure water remains after the combustion; polyethylene plastic is very environmentally friendly.

Polynova Nissen contineously strive to improve our products according to sustain the environment.

Our Environmental Policy

To ensure a focus on sustaining the environment, we operate after the following policy guidelines:


The Environmental policy is implemented and carried out by: