Business Ethics

Business Ethics

At Polynova Nissen we are determined to meet high moral and ethical standards in performing our work at every level of our organization and in every location we operate. We depend on our employees to conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with regulations, local laws and our own corporate policies.

A proper and professional manner

Customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees of Polynova have a right to expect that we conduct our business in a proper and professional manner. Bribery and Corruption is prohibited in all business dealings, whether with public officials or private sector business partners. As a rule, facilitation payments are not permitted.

A strict tolerance policy

The respective heads of the Polynova Group’s companies are in charge of Business Ethics. The Presidents and financial controllers regularly review and report to the Board on integrity developments. Polynova Nissen investigates all potential ethical concerns and cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies. There is a strict zero tolerance policy for violations of the law and the Polynova Code of Conduct, which is enforced through systematic disciplinary actions. We encourage any of our customers, suppliers, or employees to immediately report about alleged ethical violations to the President, Financial Controller, or Board of our companies.

Polynova Nissen’s Code of Conduct Includes:

– Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, ILO 1998
– Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, UNEP 1992
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN 1948

Comply with laws and regulations

Our Code of Conduct constitutes an up-front requirement on ourselves and our cooperation-partners within manufacturing and distribution. The requirement is to comply with laws and regulations, as well as conventions on social- and working conditions and the protection of the environment.

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